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<b>Behind the scenes at Celluloid Bainbridge</b>

Behind the scenes at Celluloid Bainbridge

In anticipation of Celluloid Bainbridge’s upcoming 20th anniversary retrospective (November 17-18), festival founder Kathleen Thorne and Lynwood Theatre maven TJ Faddis  talk with BCB host John Fossett about the history, technical challenges, and highlights of this iconic film festival. Over the last 20 years of […]

<b>Fabulous handcrafted items at the 2nd Annual BARN Bazaar November 17</b>

Fabulous handcrafted items at the 2nd Annual BARN Bazaar November 17

Bazaar organizer Carla Mackey (L) and glass artist Teri Seidler Wondering what all those folks at BARN have been busily creating? Thinking about what to buy for friends and family for Christmas? Come find answers — and beautifully crafted gifts — at the BARN Bazaar, […]

<b>Islandwood addresses equity and racial issues</b>

Islandwood addresses equity and racial issues

Many of us know IslandWood for its beautiful 250-acre campus and environmental learning programs for children and adults alike. What you may not know is that this local nonprofit is also trying to address structural racism and embed equity in its operations. In this podcast, […]

<b>InD Theatre presents <i>Under Milkwood</i> at BIMA Nov 8-10</b>

InD Theatre presents Under Milkwood at BIMA Nov 8-10

Dylan Thomas’s classic play, Under Milkwood, offers a vivid portrayal of a day in the life of a small Welsh seaside town. Through monologues, dialogues, vignettes and songs, this timeless poet/author shares the beauty of the Welsh language as well as the particular yet universal […]

<b>Celluloid Bainbridge offers 20th Anniversary Retrospective November 17-18</b>

Celluloid Bainbridge offers 20th Anniversary Retrospective November 17-18

TJ Faddis (L) and Kathleen Thorne, co-curators of this year’s Celluloid Bainbridge Festival In honor of the 20th anniversary of Celluloid Bainbridge, this year’s festival, to be held November 17-18, will offer a retrospective of the quirkiest favorites from past festivals, curated by Festival Founder […]

<b>Local ghost stories for Halloween</b>

Local ghost stories for Halloween

From the Sandspit to Winslow Way and Fort Ward, from Kingston to Indianola and the piers of Seattle, strange phenomena abound. You can hear all about it here as Bainbridge Public Library’s John Fossett, BCB’s Diane Walker, and The Art Project’s Susan Wiersema share true […]

<b>Bainbridge Symphony presents Emergence November 10,11</b>

Bainbridge Symphony presents Emergence November 10,11

BCB host John Fossett (L) with BSO Music Director Mario Alejandro Torres Brahms, Elgar and Khachaturian will grace our ears at the Bainbridge Symphony Orchestra’s November concert, Emergence. Shows November 10 at 7:30 pm and November 11 at 3 pm with a director chat at […]

<b>Paul Bannick’s owl photographs open at the Library November 2</b>

Paul Bannick’s owl photographs open at the Library November 2

Author/Photographer Paul Bannick Meet award-winning author and wildlife photographer Paul Bannick, whose exhibit of magnificent owl photographs will open at the Bainbridge Library at 5:30 pm on Friday November 2, with a talk by the artist at 6pm. In this podcast interview Paul talks with […]

<b>KiDiMu Mini-Golf Masters is back! November 2, 3</b>

KiDiMu Mini-Golf Masters is back! November 2, 3

An 18 hole mini-golf course in a Museum? What could be more fun! Come join the festivities at Kidimu’s Second Annual Mini-Golf Masters, scheduled for November 2 and 3. The whole family can get involved with golfing. There are two ways to play: “Just for […]

<b>Waterfront Readers Theatre at the Senior Center Oct. 26, Nov. 2</b>

Waterfront Readers Theatre at the Senior Center Oct. 26, Nov. 2

(L to R)Carolyn Goad, Reed Price and Florence Klein Come join the fun at the Senior Center as the Waterfront Reader’s Theatre presents another free performance of comedic plays, Friday afternoons at 2pm on October 26th and November 2nd.   This season’s five short plays […]