BCB’s Teen Radio Camp <br>At Bainbridge Public Library

BCB’s Teen Radio Camp
At Bainbridge Public Library

Bainbridge Community Broadcasting - BCB - logoClick the PLAY button above to listen to the voices of the 12 teens who participated in the first annual Teen Radio Camp, jointly sponsored by BCB and the Bainbridge Island Public Library.

The Camp was offered by Teen Librarian Stefanie Graen, and volunteers from BCB: Tim Bird, John McKenzie, Annie Osburn and Barry Peters. Our thanks to Bainbridge Librarian Rebecca Judd for making this program possible.

The participating teens were each entering Middle School or High School in the Bainbridge Island School District — generally, either 7th, 8th or 9th grade.

The participants — who you can hear interviewed on the podcast — are as follows (in order of appearance in the podcast, at the time indicated):

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Spencer Bispham (0:40)
  • Katelyn Lockyear (2:30)
  • Maria Gallivan (4:15)
  • Emma Lahtinen (6:00)
  • Ayrton Perry (7:50)
  • Soren Olsen (9:15)
  • Cassie Haddon (11:10)
  • Jack Rusher (12:30)
  • Victoria Gray (14:10)
  • Grace Dudgeon (16:00)
  • Shea Delphinidae (17:40)
  • Nic Nemeth (19:25)

The Camp consisted of four two-hour training days, from Monday through Thursday, August 18-21.  Three sessions were held at the Bainbridge Public Library, and one was held at the BCB recording studio at the Marge Williams Center in Winslow.

Training topics included:

  • The difference between traditional radio and podcast radio
  • The choice of a topic when producing for radio
  • The various roles required to produce a radio show
  • The theory of sound
  • Introduction to audio
  • Introduction to audio editing
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Conducting an interview
  • Interview role playing
  • Recording an interview with your voice at the BCB studio

Among the surprises of the week:

  • More of the teen participants had favorite podcast shows than favorite AM or FM radio shows
  • Most of the participants had already listened to at least one podcast
  • One of the most popular topics for a podcast the teens would like to make: Talking about computer gaming
  • The top skill that most wanted to learn: audio editing
  • The participants were roughly equally divided between boys and girls — slightly more girls than boys

BCB hopes that many of the graduates of the Teen Radio Camp will join BCB’s Bainbridge High School Radio Club this Fall.

To contact the BHS Radio Club, contact the Club President, Charlie Hanacek, by email.

Credits: BCB host: Barry Peters; BCB audio editors: Tim Bird and Barry Peters; BCB intro and transition music: Tim Bird; BCB podcast art: artopia creative.

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