Sign up for a BCB Volunteer Job

Do you have — or want to develop — a fabulous radio voice?

Would you like to learn and practice the art of podcasting?

Are you interested in learning recording techniques or audio editing?

Do you have a gift for writing great press releases or ad copy?

Are you a social media maven?

Are you interested in creating videos of community activities?

If any of these possibilities apply to you, we invite you to consider volunteering with BCB: just drop us an email to and let us know which of these media arts activities you’d enjoy. Whether your interest is primarily audio, video or social media, we’d like to hear from you — just let us know:

  • Which role or activity would you like to pursue?
  • Any prior experience?
  • What topics interest you?
  • What times in the week are most available for you?

Thanks — we look forward to hearing from you!