Get Involved

Volunteers Welcome!

BCB is enthusiastically looking for Bainbridge Island volunteers to be trained in the making of internet radio programs for the community.

For more information about opportunities for volunteers in local community broadcasting, contact BCB station manager Diane Walker at

You Could Be Part of this New Community Broadcasting Station

In addition to the dozens of Bainbridge Islanders who have volunteered so far, we’re always looking for additional volunteers who would like to join in creating BCB programs and managing the all-volunteer project — for both adults and students.

Whether you have prior radio experience or not, we are prepared to train you in any of the many special roles we require. Whether your interest is hosting a radio interview behind the mic, producing a new programming idea, doing audio editing, we have room for your interest, passion and ideas for community radio.

We also need many volunteers to grow this new nonprofit enterprise — such as: volunteer coordinators, maintainers of our presence on Facebook, the web, iTunes and the internet, receptionists, schedulers and managers.

When you click on the “Contact Us” link on this site, you’ll have an opportunity to tell us the roles and program topics that interest you the most.

Types of Programming We Have in Mind for BCB

  • Interviews … with artists, authors, community leaders, local business owners, local chefs, long-time residents, local residents with a new project or idea for the community.  Interviews typically are recorded in our Winslow Way studio or at the on-campus studio of the Bainbridge High School Radio Club.
  • Upcoming events … episodes of the “What’s Up” podcast consist of 5-minute previews of  upcoming events on the island, whether it is related to the arts, music or theater performances, readings by authors, speaker events, public issues, openings of farm markets, or a garden tour.
  • Stories from islanders … such as oral history interviews
  • Stories away from the studio in the outdoors … the sounds of walking Bainbridge trails or visiting local destinations.

We’re new and looking for your creative ideas to help BCB blossom.