Podcast: Who’s on Bainbridge:
Morgan Terry and Spacecraft

<i>Podcast: Who’s on Bainbridge:</i> <br>Morgan Terry and Spacecraft

BCB_150pxWhosOnPodcast_FINALSpacecraft is an island music venue on a mission to bring unique and interesting live music to the culturally curious of Kitsap County.

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Spacecraft Co-founder Morgan Terry

Set in Rolling Bay Hall, Spacecraft strives to bring the freshest and most progressive musicians from the Pacific Northwest to Bainbridge Island. Co-founded by Cortney Wallaston and Morgan Terry, the group’s vision is to serve as a launch vehicle for new names, new ideas and experiences, and to inspire others to join in the process.

Listen as Morgan Terry and Spacecraft volunteer Vanessa Brewis-Condon talk about how they got started, where they’re headed, and the exciting and fresh musical acts they’re bringing to Bainbridge.

For more about Spacecraft, visit www.spacecraftpresents.org

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