Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge:
February at the Bainbridge Library

Whats Up Logo for Libsyn and WordPress-150x150There’s lots on offer at the Library again for the month of February: Walk-in tax assistance and health insurance exchange assistance,  a presentation on Peru and Machu Picchu done by Robert Dashiell, and an introduction to Bainbridge History with Hank Helm of the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum.

1Awful truthtiny truthFor our more romantic patrons, the Island Film Group will present The Awful Truth, a delicious screwball comedy with Cary Grant and Irene Dunne on February 11th, and there will be a special Valentine’s Day opera preview of Handel’s Semele and the Wrath of Juno.

1Awful truth

Tressa Johnson and John Fossett at the History Museum
Tressa and John: ready to learn!

And, just in time for the coming Island Theatre reading of Letters to the Editor of the Bainbridge Review, the library is pleased to offer online access to the Bainbridge Review issues published between 1941 and 1946.

Listen as BCB host Joanna Pyle talks with John Fossett and Tressa Johnson to learn more about these and other upcoming library programs.

Credits: BCB host and studio tech: Joanna Pyle; BCB audio editors: Joanna Pyle and Jon Coonan; BCB social media publishers: Diane and Chris Walker.