Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge:
Holiday tips from Waterfront Park Community Center

<i>Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge: </i><br>Holiday tips from Waterfront Park Community Center

Whats Up Logo for Libsyn and WordPress-150x150In this podcast BCB host Joanna Pyle chats with State Health Benefit Advisor Genevieve Moyer and Waterfront Park Community Center Manager Sue Barrington.

Screen shot 2015-11-12 at 4.30.33 PMGenevieve summarizes a couple of Medicare changes coming in 2016:

Medicare has become more proactive in their commitment to preventive health care — (preventing illness or detecting illness at early stage, when treatment likely to work best.) Examples of this include pap tests, flu shots, prostate screenings, and more.

… and be sure to check out Medicare’s Blue Button — https://www.medicare.gov/manage-your-health/blue-button/medicare-blue-button.html The Blue Button offers access to your personal health information, helping you make more informed decisions about care while at the same time giving health care providers a more complete view of your health history.

Screen shot 2015-11-10 at 8.55.46 PMSue wanted to remind us all about the Holiday meals provided annually by Sportsmen’s Club, which has provided free holiday dinners for 35 years, every Thanksgiving & Christmas. Even leftovers are provided — and transportation if needed.

For a fresh-cooked, pull-out-all-the-stops dinner with friends and neighbors, sign up at front desk of the Waterfront Park Community Center or give them a call at 842-1616.

Credits: BCB host and audio editor: Joanna Pyle; BCB social media publishers: Chris and Diane Walker.