Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge:
Citizen activist and Seattle City Council veteran speaks Thursday Feb 18th

<i>Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge:</i> <br>Citizen activist and Seattle City Council veteran speaks Thursday Feb 18th

Whats Up Logo for Libsyn and WordPress-150x150At 7:30pm on Thursday February 18, Eagle Harbor Books welcomes Nick Licata, who was elected to Seattle City Council five times, and served 18 years through December 2015.

18-year Seattle City Council veteran Nick Lacata (Photo credit Dan Lamont)
18-year Seattle City Council veteran Nick Licata (Photo credit Dan Lamont)

Nick will present stories and anecdotes from his new book: “Becoming a Citizen Activist: Stories, Strategies, and Advice for Changing Our World.” The book is full of details of major citizen-initiated changes over five decades.

As noted on the Eagle Harbor website: “Recent waves of social activism like the Occupy movement and Black Lives Matter show that you can fight city hall — or any other powerful entity for that matter. Now comes the playbook for citizen activists wanting to improve the world around them.”

Citizen Activist bookNick Licata was a political activist as long ago as the 1960s, and his very readable book offers examples of activism over the decades from the student anti-war protests of the 1960s to the present day.

Examples of sections of his book include: The Minimum Wage Story; Women Reshape Local Government; Out of the Closet; Immigrant Rights; Passing Paid Sick Leave; Tracking Hate Crimes; Legalizing Marijuana; and Community Land Trusts: Housing Is Not a Commodity.

In this podcast, BCB asks Nick, after 18 years as an elected official in City Hall, how he kept a positive attitude toward citizen action, and an open mind, leading to a book chapter titled: “You Can Fight City Hall”.

Credits: BCB host, audio editor and social media publisher: Barry Peters.