Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge:
Amy D’Apice at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts

<i>Podcast: What’s Up Bainbridge:</i> <br>Amy D’Apice at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts

Artist Amy D’Apice

Whats Up Logo for Libsyn and WordPress-150x150Amy D’Apice isn’t shy about her art. In this podcast she shares the secrets and stories of the last nine months as she has been creating art for her solo exhibition this September at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts.

Amy D’Apice. “Street Vendor.”

Though a long time Bainbridge Islander, about four years ago Amy moved to Chang Mai, Thailand, where she paints for most of the year. Each summer she returns to Bainbridge Island to visit with family and friends, and shares her art.

Amy D’Apice. “Saltwater Taffy.”

Wherever she is, Amy is always drawn to the unnoticed spots of beauty in the world around her. A constant for her is the reliability of those spaces: the cracks in the sidewalks, the alleyways, the window sills, the street urchins. And she paints them.

Amy details her journey in her blog, Art Conspiracy (http://artconspiracy.net/blog/). She shares the good stuff as well as the hard, the times when inspiration hits and the times where she just has to show up and hope for the best.

In September, we get to see the fruits of her labor, and the process along the way. Come and celebrate “Kindred Spaces” with Amy this September.

There are lots of chances to meet Amy and view her work:

Exhibition: September 2-October 2

Artist’s Reception: September 2, 6:30, BAC

Artist’s Talk: September 3, 12:30, BAC

Multimedia Presentation: September 8, Bainbridge Island Museum of Art

Apowlogol-artaccessmy also teaches workshops all summer! Get the details at http://bacart.org/education/workshops/

Amy will also be participating in Paint Out Winslow this August – join her! For more information visit http://bacart.org/artists/paintoutwinslow/

This demo is part of a series of artists demos at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts; Georgia will be speaking with BCB regularly to introduce us to each month’s education programs. It might be a demo, it might be a workshop, or just an introduction to the artists featured for them coming month. For more information about programs at BAC, check their website (bacart.org) early and often to learn what’s coming up.

Credits: BCB host Channie Peters; audio editor Diane Walker; publisher; Georgia Browne.

BCB's What's Up show is underwritten by Windermere Bainbridge
BCB’s What’s Up show is underwritten by Windermere Bainbridge