Bainbridge Prepares and the BI Metro Parks District

Scott James, Founder and Board Chair of Bainbridge Prepares

Dawn Janow, Chairperson of the Park Board of Commissioners and Scott James, the founder and Board Chair of Bainbridge Prepares join us on What’s Up Bainbridge in another of our several part series about the Park & Recreation District.  In this series, we’ll explore the history of the organization, why and how it was formed, some of the many significant changes that have occurred over the years and the many unique and varied experiences and benefits it provides for island residents of all ages.

Scott discusses the unique and important partnership between Bainbridge Prepares and the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District, how this relationship works and why this is vital to island residents.  He talks about the Disaster Hub system, other significant partner agencies and the key role volunteers play in making it all work so well

Scott James, Founder and Board Chair of Bainbridge Prepares


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