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How to Get and Install the free BCB App

To get your BCB app for iPhone, iPad:

  • From your iPhone or iPad browser, click the “View” button above
  • On the resulting page, click the “View in iTunes” button
  • Tap on “Get” to download the app, and then tap “Open”

When the BCB app opens:

  • Tap 3 horizontal lines (upper left of screen), then tap “Shows”
  • On the “Shows” screen, tap any of the square BCB podcast logos to see the latest list of episodes of that show

To listen to a BCB podcast:

  1. Tap 3 horizontal lines (upper left of screen)
  2. Tap “Shows” and then tap a show’s icon, and then tap “Episodes”

How to use the Apple “Podcasts” app for iPhone or iPad:

As an alternative to the BCB app, you can listen to BCB podcasts on the Apple “Podcasts” app.

The “Podcasts” app is automatically included on any iPhone or iPad that is running the latest iOS Apple operating system update.

Click on the video below to find out how to listen to BCB podcasts on the Apple “Podcasts” app. Remember, BCB organizes its podcast episodes by topic into “Shows”, so consider including all 8 or more BCB shows in your Apple “Podcasts” app.

Once you’ve subscribed to any of our shows, new episodes will be delivered to your smartphone or tablet as BCB publishes the latest episode.

Simply search for “BCB Bainbridge” on your podcast listening app.

In summary, you can listen to our podcasts either:

  • on this website, or

  • on our free BCB podcast app for iPhone, iPad or Android, or

  • on Apple’s “Podcasts” app, or the “Google Play” app on Android devices.

If you want to listen here, come to this website and click any of our 35 most “Recent Podcasts” (at right, newest on top). For older episodes, go to the top of this page, to the navigation bar, and hover over “Podcast Shows” or click on “Timeless Favorites” at the top of this page.

If you are having a problem with your BCB App, please report your problem to or leave a voicemail at 1-323-HUGE-BCB (which will be routed to a BCB volunteer here on Bainbridge Island).