BCB’s Startup

Here’s the chronology of our 2014-15 startup — with the most-recent events first.

BCB Plans to Supplement Its Podcasts with Internet Streaming Radio

The plan calls for internet streaming radio for Bainbridge Island by Spring 2015.

BCB Moves Into Consolidated Studios at #144 Hildebrand Village

Effective February 2015, BCB operations are consolidated at Hildebrand Village (near the Doctors Clinic and next door to Silver Screen Video Rental).

Bainbridge Community Foundation Awards Grant for 2015

In December 2014, a significant grant from the Island Cultural Enrichment fund of Bainbridge Community Foundation enabled BCB to move into a consolidated larger studio space that provides for collaboration among adult and student volunteers. The grant also enables BCB to expand its coverage of arts and artists of Bainbridge, and to provide streaming internet radio for Bainbridge Island by Spring 2015.

BCB Offers a Free App for Easier Listening to Podcasts

In October 2014, BCB released its free app. It’s available for iPhone and iPad, and for Android smartphones and tablets.  For step-by-step instructions on how to get your free app, and how to use it, go to Get Your BCB App.

BCB Adds Five Longer-Format Podcast Shows – July-August 2014

Our first podcast show — called “What’s Up Bainbridge” — has been giving Bainbridge Islanders a quick 5-minute preview of worthwhile local events. Scores of them have been published so far. We’ve heard from many of you how much you are appreciating these 5 minute podcasts. By summer 2014, BCB began bringing you five new longer-format (15-25 minute) podcast series:

  • Who’s On Bainbridge” – each episode brings an interview with one of the people who makes Bainbridge a fascinating and engaging place to live — whether the person is an artist, author, business person, community leader, environmental scientist, musician, scholar, first responder, farmer, shoreline explorer, juggler, or …
  • Community Cafe” – like a stimulating coffee break with a friend or neighbor who cares about a local issue, each episode tells a short story of a community need, idea, action or innovation to address a community issue or a vision for a better future.  With this show, you can keep up with issues people care about on Bainbridge.
  • “Bainbridge Outdoors” – the sounds of the outdoors, and stories of island nature and interesting destinations, especially by foot, bicycle or boat
  • “Tastes of Bainbridge” – stories of local food, gardening, farming, recipes, cooking or dining
  • “On Campus” – from BCB’s student volunteers at the studio of the Bainbridge High School Radio Club

BCB Goes “On the Air” – First week in May 2014

Our first podcast radio show — “What’s Up Bainbridge” aired its first episode on April 27th.  About 2 to 6 episodes are published per week.  You can listen to our podcast radio shows either:

Bainbridge High School Studio Opens – May 1, 2014

With the blessing of the School District, Bainbridge High School students have formed a student Broadcast Club. Club members are also Trusted Volunteers with BCB, and that will generate partnering on radio programs among the generations of students and adults. The BHS studio equipment was funded by a generous grant from the Rotary Club to Sustainable Bainbridge.

Grant Application Submitted to Bainbridge Community Foundation – March 2014

Sustainable Bainbridge applied to BCF for program funds for a combination of capital equipment and operating expenses for BCB’s start-up year.

Winslow Studio Opens – March 2014

We are now happily ensconced in a radio and podcast production studio (and reception office) in Winslow at the Marge Williams Center. It’s small and cozy but serves well as a professionally equipped studio for a radio host to interview one or two guests at a time.

Orientation and Training Classes Begin – February 2014

Volunteers like you started to receive BCB orientations a variety of training classes for various roles with BCB — producers; hosts; audio techs and a host of support positions. For example, with the help of a local volunteer who is a professional voice-over artist, BCB offers voice training: “Dropping Into Your Radio Voice”.

Website and Facebook Pages are Open to the Public – January 1, 2014

Please spread the word to your friends and please LIKE our Facebook page.

Grant Application Submitted to Bainbridge Island Rotary Club – November 29, 2013

The application sought capital funds for radio production equipment, and that application was funded by the Rotary Club in April 2014.

Open Public Meeting to Brainstorm Ideas for Community Radio – September 17, 2013

Nearly 40 people — community leaders, radio fans, NPR devotees, High School students, activists, seniors — gathered at the Waterfront Park Community Center for 90 minutes of brainstorming that resulted in dozens of ideas for desired radio programs.